Organizing epidemic prevention and control network to ensure the safety of suppliesPublish Time:2022-06-07 02:19

Disinfection and sterilization personnel of 

Tramy Food Industrial Park are disinfecting vehicles

Disinfection and sterilization personnel are

 disinfection and sterilization for the shower room

The disinfection and sterilization personnel are disinfecting 

the cold chain vehicles to be mobilized

The workshop is ready for epidemic prevention, 

and the epidemic prevention personnel are disinfecting the production equipment

Disinfection and sterilization personnel disinfected 

the first floor of the administration building

Carry out 1 nucleic acid test +2 antigen self-test every day, 

and always pay attention to the health of employees

Epidemic prevention experts assist dormitory staff to detect nucleic acid

The staff consciously disinfected in the administrative area 

and steadily improved their awareness of epidemic prevention