'Tramy Iron Army'Publish Time:2022-06-07 02:48

During the Spring Festival in 2020, the spread of COVID-19, the supply guarantee in Shangyu at the end of 2021, and the spread of Shanghai Omicron virus strain in early March 2022 - after three years of experience, Tramy group polished the whole industry chain and the whole value chain, and the momentum of supply guarantee was more abundant. With innovative products as the starting point, and based on the practical work of all employees, we fought a beautiful siege under the gray curtain of the spread of the epidemic. The hard work of the employees, the collective kinetic energy, the farsightedness of the group leaders, and the superposition of all the highlights have surrounded the glory of Tramy as a giant of People's livelihood food enterprises, showing the new era style of 'Tramy Iron Army'.

350000 copies per day

Since 5:00 on March 28, Shanghai has implemented nucleic acid screening in batches with the Huangpu River as the boundary. Since then, the whole region static management has made the city press the pause button. In the case of a large number of closed communities, the group purchase mode of online order collection and community distribution has become an important channel for the supply of democratic non-staple food listed in Shanghai.

At the beginning of April, the third phase of Tramy Food Industrial Park was resumed. At the same time, the group decided to take the guaranteed supply package as the main product and launched the 100 yuan package. By may, the maximum output had reached 350000 copies per day, and the contents of the set meal were constantly renovated. Vegetables, bean products, flour products, seasonings and other types were emerging in endlessly to meet the needs of the public in an all-round way.

After the implementation of global static management in Shanghai, although the vast majority of Tramy stores could not engage in offline operations due to community closure, more than 70% of the stores have resumed online group buying. Each store will return the received information to the group headquarters to guide the product mix.

The data disclosed by relevant media shows that even in isolation, the people's living needs are multi-level and are still iterating. First, people's livelihood rice, flour and oil products, and then dairy quick-frozen food are matched by Tramy's use of the accumulation of huge categories to combine into various supply guarantee gift packages. By late April, Tramy has developed many categories, such as vegetable gift packages, bean product gift packages, flour product gift packages, seasoning gift packages, fruit and meat gift packages, staple food gift packages, meat free gift packages, etc., to fully meet the daily needs of the people.

Tramy bean products gift bag

From April 5 to 25, the stable logistics, product flow and manufacturing flow supported the people's livelihood product matrix with the best quality, the most complete varieties and the fastest distribution of Tramy, with 350000 gift package finished products per day. Behind it was the accumulation of Tramy's whole industry chain matrix, which continuously improved the reputation of Tramy brand.

Large gift bags after repacking are waiting for transshipment

Smooth people's livelihood Logistics

To ensure the supply of residents' living materials during the epidemic period, logistics transportation is the key link. The last kilometer of community distribution is also the earnest concern of the superior departments. Based on the cold chain warehouse with advanced facilities of more than 100000 square meters, more than 500 food grade cold chain vehicles cruised through the guarantee roads throughout Shanghai day and night. Tramy warehousing logistics distribution center gave a satisfactory answer to the group's guarantee and supply task.

Give you the best supplies

Under the epidemic situation, it has provided Shanghai citizens with better quality main and by-products. The whole industry chain of Tramy has made steady efforts. The functions of Tramy agriculture and Tramy supply chain have demonstrated excellent rapid response ability and become the most high-quality input end in the Tramy supply protection campaign.

The data from the supply chain shows that there are two changes in the group's product supply with April 15 as the boundary. Before April 15, the sales of fresh and fresh products such as vegetables accounted for a large proportion. After April 15, seasoned dry goods such as instant noodles, lunch meat, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar gradually increased, showing a trend of demand change.

Tramy gift bag is delivered to the gate of the community for distribution

In terms of agriculture, the nine major bases in Shanghai, including zhangjiaqiao, yaolu, and Nicheng, have been operating normally without a day's work stoppage. Through lean agricultural technology management, big data of agricultural industry, remote office, operating financial settlement, personnel assessment and quality control, the daily workflow of Tramy agriculture is stable and positive circulation. 3. In April, the Tramy base produced an average of 50 tons of green leafy vegetables per day. The Tramy self owned base became a ballast for the supply of green leafy vegetables in Pudong real estate.

In order to fight a tough supply battle with quality and quantity, in late April, the group successively issued the notice on the implementation of the maximum sales price limit, the notice on strengthening the supplier's qualification requirements, and the 9 compliance reminders for the new business format of the guaranteed supply package, requiring to continuously strengthen the supplier access management, do a good job in product acceptance, and strictly control product release. At the same time, the company strictly implements price management and strictly stipulates that the product sales of its sales operators shall not be higher than the maximum sales price set by Tramy.

Disinfection and sterilization personnel of Tramy Food 

Industrial Park are disinfecting vehicles

Compared with the Spring Festival epidemic in 2020, the Omicron mutant of this epidemic spreads faster and is more hidden, which also brings unprecedented pressure to the factory for epidemic prevention. Tramy group is firmly committed to its political position. Based on the principle of health first and life first, and with a highly responsible attitude towards employees and the society, it resolutely implements the policy of the CPC Central Committee on dynamic zeroing. On the one hand, Tramy group has held many online work meetings on epidemic prevention and control, continuously learned from previous epidemic prevention and control experience, formulated the plant wide closed-loop prevention and control plan, consolidated the prevention and control measures, refined the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, ensured continuous and orderly work during epidemic prevention and control, and achieved "no error" in epidemic prevention and control and production and supply. On the other hand, in combination with the two modules of emergency and normal prevention and control, the group quickly established an emergency command center for epidemic prevention and control, with several working groups under it, such as nucleic acid testing group, disinfection and sterilization group, logistics support group, accommodation management group, and Information Liaison Group, to implement the "three integrity principles" (full staff nucleic acid, global disinfection and sterilization, and comprehensive assessment). All working groups obey the unified command, work together, and achieve a win-win situation in both epidemic prevention and supply protection.