Tramy has three beautiesPublish Time:2022-06-08 08:43

Jiangqicheng, daughter of Jiangchao, deputy director of the third factory, recently contributed to the Tramy group. Let's see what Tramy is like in the eyes of this lovely child.

Speaking of "Qing", what can you think of? Maybe it's the mountain scenery of "the bright moon shines on the pines, and the clear springs and stones flow upward": what do you think of when you mention "beauty"? Maybe it's the jade juice of the "Moonlight cup of grape wine". It's pure, green and safe. It's good in quality. In my eyes, there are three beauties: delicious, human and quality. Listen to me carefully.


Tofu, as well as fresh food, cooked food, breakfast and so on, is rich in variety and numerous. You can walk into a "Fresh To Home" at will. You are dazzled by the variety of delicious food. You all want to buy it back. After purchasing the food materials, go home and fry a few small dishes and stew a good soup. The delicious taste makes people salivate and can't stop. This is called "delicious" 

Human beauty

My father is a "Tramy" who goes out early and returns late every day. He is busy and full. Now, the sudden COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. Many "Tramy" like my father still stick to their posts and work hard to ensure the normal supply of food in the market. They are all my examples. This is called "human beauty".

Beautiful quality

Food is the most important thing for the people, and food safety is the first. It's more important to have a good meal. My father often told me that "quality comes from specialty" requires me to study hard. Over the years, Tramy has always adhered to the principle that "quality comes from professionalism". From a small workshop with six people at the beginning to a large-scale modern company, the professional attitude of striving for perfection has continuously improved the quality of products. This is called "quality beauty".

Tramy has no gorgeous advertising words, no sky high star endorsements, only delicious products, people-friendly prices, reliable quality, and the Tramy who "roll up your sleeves and work hard". I want to praise Tramy! Let's pay tribute to the ordinary and great workers!