Thank you,Tramy,Thanks for accompanying me all the wayPublish Time:2022-06-08 08:58

Since late March, 2022, the group has concentrated on fighting epidemic diseases and ensuring supply. As a grass-roots staff member, I sincerely appreciate the group's care for us, so that we can eat well, sleep well, have classes and earn income under such difficult conditions. It is precisely because of the impregnable ship of Tramy that our lives are guaranteed stably.

We are grateful to all the front-line production personnel. No matter how hard or tired they are, they will meet the difficulties and try their best to meet the needs of the citizens, and let us enjoy high-quality and nutritious food every day.

We are grateful to our leaders. They are working hard every day for our safety and health. We are asleep and full. They are working day and night for the stability of our work.

Provide nutritious drinks every day to strengthen employees' physique

Now, we eat well and drink well. Because the group has done a good job in epidemic prevention, our health is more guaranteed. The isolated employees in the community can not go home. They can be picked up by bus to and from work and live in the hotel. Even in the case of a serious shortage of materials in Shanghai, the company has also guaranteed our daily necessities. There are meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, bread and a separate shower room to take a bath, The company also arranged professional stylists to come and trim our hair. All this is the result of the efforts of the group leaders and all employees. We will not forget that we should be more grateful. The epidemic will soon pass, but the spirit of Tramy will be more shining.

The group provides employees with free high-quality boxed milk, 

which is more delicious

Distribute epidemic prevention materials every day 

to protect the health of employees

The nutrition package is equipped with meat and vegetables, and the patterns are updated every day, especially to increase protein and enhance employees' resistance

The group invites professional hairdressers to shape its employees

Independent bath rooms are installed in multiple areas

 to protect the cleanliness of employees