Care for front-line staff in anti epidemic productionPublish Time:2022-07-11 03:06

In order to actively respond to the impact of the spread of the COVID-19 on the production of the group, reflect the company's care for front-line employees, and effectively assume the social responsibility of Tramy people's livelihood, the group office, under the leadership of the board of directors and the strong support of the group's general Party branch and the labor union, organized a series of work of caring for employees, and timely sent Tramy's warmth to the hearts of employees.

Strengthen organizational leadership and highlight caring for front-line personnel as an important work at present. The Group Office actively plays its administrative functions, timely understands the epidemic prevention and control situation, actively studies and solves practical and ideological problems encountered by employees in production and life, and dynamically tracks the living conditions of isolated personnel.

Comprehensively grasp the living and working conditions of employees. Led by Wang Jiafei, Secretary of the Youth League branch and director of the office of the group, all employees of the office have a comprehensive understanding of the situation of front-line employees through rapid action, telephone, wechat and other forms, focusing on mastering the specific difficulties and reasonable demands of employees, and holding a group meeting to summarize and study the relatively concentrated problems, so as to solve them as soon as possible. Pay attention to making good use of industry experience, and do a targeted job of humanistic care and psychological comfort.

The picture shows: on May 13, wangjiafei, Secretary of the Youth League branch and director of the office of Tramy group, distributed materials to employees

The picture shows:a large number of high-quality 

dairy products to be distributed on May 14

During the epidemic, Tramy’s working meal was nutritious

Carry out employee care in various forms. According to the actual situation of employees, the office will carry out poverty relief activities according to local conditions. During the epidemic, the office led the administrative system of the group to distribute consolation materials to employees who stayed in the factory for a long time, resumed work and production, and quarantine personnel. As of May 31, a total of more than 10 times were sent, including dairy products, convenience foods, daily necessities, beverages, fruits and other people's livelihood materials, with a total of nearly 270000 copies, and followed the staff canteen to improve the quality of daily dishes, increase meat products, and increase protein, Improve employees' resistance. At the same time, we will continue to improve the logistics support of employees' daily life, organize employees to have haircuts collectively, and increase sanitary washing facilities. Take multiple measures at the same time, at multiple levels and through multiple channels, to improve the quality of life of employees during the guarantee period and solve their problems.

The vast number of Tramy employees have expressed their gratitude for Tramy's care, and will stick to their jobs, make every effort to do a good job in the work of war and epidemic protection, and make greater contributions to the city's livelihood and food industry.