Guobenya, director of pulping workshop, shows the background of Tramy Party memberPublish Time:2022-07-11 03:33

Fell on May 1, went to the hospital to take a film on May 23, and found out the rib injury. Guo Benya, member of the production Party branch of Tramy group and director of the pulping workshop of the first Tramy production plant, worked hard to protect the supply line for 22 consecutive days with injuries.

At 2:00 p.m. on May 1, Guo Benya transferred materials in Tianzhi and accidentally fell from the console. He instantly felt pain in his ribs. He thought he could rest for a few days, but the pain could not be relieved.

Knowing that he was injured, his friends suggested that he take this opportunity to rest. As a party member, Guo Benya never let go. He said, "all workers are fighting on the front line. As a workshop director, I can't shrink back. At the critical moment, I need to reflect the responsibility of Party members."

After being injured on May 1, Guo Benya worked until 10 p.m. that day. At 7 a.m. on May 2, Guo Benya appeared at his post on time. At the beginning of May, the group's supply guarantee task continued to speed up. Guo Benya daily managed the pulping workshop to supply the group with raw materials for bean products. At the same time, due to the busy supply guarantee task, he also needed to concurrently serve as the material transfer task of the first and seventh factories. The two ends of the workshop were changed every day, and he was often busy in the workshop. When a phone call came, he had to put down his work and go downstairs to receive and transport goods.

The picture shows Guo Benya, director of the pulping workshop of Tramy No.1 Factory and member of the production Party branch, transferring materials

For 22 days, the pain in his chest always haunted him. He couldn't roll over when sleeping at night, and bending down would also hurt. Upholding the belief of Party members, he always adhered to it. Since there was a large demand for raw materials for big gift bags, he led the team to adopt the method of classified transportation. With tons of goods, he allocated cold chain trucks. With thousands of kilograms of relatively small materials, he drove a forklift to circulate by himself.

In May, on a large open space at the gate of phase I soybean warehouse, you can often see Guo Benya wearing a red party member volunteer vest, driving a forklift, unloading supplies plate by plate, milk, ShaQima, steamed stuffed buns... Transferring bags of livelihood supplies to the supply guarantee site, and delivering them to the citizens of Shanghai after sealing.