"Distribution army"Publish Time:2022-07-12 09:20

In Shanghai in May, with more district level departments directly coordinating the living materials in the District, the distribution of guaranteed products in Shanghai has become more standardized. Among them, with stable quality, moderate price, rich package types, and a wide area three-dimensional cold chain logistics distribution network, Tramy's large gift package has become a priority for centralized procurement in all regions.

In response to the requirements of the superior departments for the overall planning of the industry epidemic prevention and control and the guarantee of delivery service, since the resumption of work on April 5, the storage and logistics distribution center of Tramy group has quickly restored its transportation capacity on the basis of doing a good job in the epidemic prevention base plate, and it took less than one month to fully realize the resumption of work and production. More than 500 Tramy cold chain cars travel to and from all 16 administrative regions of Shanghai every day, becoming a beautiful scenic spot in the supply of staple and non-staple food in megacities in the extraordinary period.

On May 25, a small video spread wildly in the circle of friends of Tramy employees. On the same day, at the section of Xianxia Road in Changning District near Bailian in the western suburb, dozens of Tramy cold chain cars were waiting for unloading from the street to the end of the street. The momentum of the scene was so shocking that passers-by took out their mobile phones to record and shoot, and forwarded them to their circle of friends.

「1」 "For three consecutive days, my delivery direction is Changning." At 8:28 a.m. on May 27, he Liqun, the driver of the group's logistics distribution center in Shanghai, drove to the distribution center of Xianxia West Road in Changning District. At this time, four Tramy cold chain cars were waiting on the roadside.

Under the shade of green, the guide personnel sent by Jiezhen went to the door to explain the task and communicate with the subsequent delivery location. The road is not wide. The Tramy cold chain car with green box and the Tramy vegetable basket engineering car with white logo are started one after another, and they rush to the distribution location one after another. All the roads are Tramy. "It's still early, and later, there will be about 20 Tramy trucks queuing here, from the intersection to the end of the road.". He Liqun described the previous scene to me.

The picture shows: at 8 a.m. on May 28, on Xianxia West Road, Changning District, Tramy cold chain fleet drove to the distribution community in turn


At 7:19 an hour ago, he Liqun was driving on Nanliu highway. As soon as he drove past the intersection of Shenjiahu expressway, he saw three Tramy cold chain cars passing in turn, "there is another one behind, all for Changning." Heliqun said to the rearview mirror. After driving another 50 meters, he stopped at a red light intersection in front of him. He rolled down the window, greeted the Tramy driver next to him, and talked to each other about a pair of routes. He Liqun was full of smiles. "Maybe we can come back together," he said.

Because of the day shift biological clock, at 4:50 a.m. on the 27th, he Liqun woke up on time, got up, simply washed, and then sent the car to receive the goods. At 7:05, the cold chain car loaded with 278 boxes of big gift bags and pulled on the small series with tail number of 8192 set out from Tramy phase III. Go west along Nanliu highway, and go to Xianxia West Road in Changning District, 50 kilometers away.

「2」 At 8:40, follow the guide car, 8192 and the other three Tramy cold chain cars of the team to Tianshan Xingcheng community, 358 Weining Road, Changning District. At this time, it was noon, and the scorching sun rose abundantly. Outside the door of the community, in the middle stood four temporary tents waiting to receive goods.

The picture shows: at 8:40 a.m. on May 27, at the gate of Xingcheng community, Tianshan, Changning District, two Tramy cold chain trucks unloaded at the same time

Introduction of community staff. Tianshan Xingcheng community has a total of 2009 owners, belonging to a quality community, with a house price of more than 10 million square meters. "Send supplies again," said Aunt Huang, a resident standing in the fence. "It's a Tramy gift bag. Tramy is old and good, it's card, fresh, and tastes good..." while talking, two logistics vehicles, including 8192, stopped steadily at the door of the community, and a dozen volunteers poured out from the shelter of the temporary tent. Open the back door of the car, stand in a row with the delivery driver, and fold the gift bags box by box into the sunshade tent.

"A total of 2009 boxes will be unloaded today, less than 300 boxes per vehicle. Today you (Tramy) will come to 9 vehicles... The supply capacity and special transportation capacity of Qingmei group are amazing." The above residents' committee sighed about its work. The gift bag was gradually stacked high, and there was no need to say more. After 20 minutes of unloading, the door was closed, and 8192 was ready to return. In the rearview mirror, another Tramy cold chain car was slowly falling close to the door of the community.

「2」 Compared with dozens of community group purchase and distribution - onehundred gift bags, thousands of single residential area distribution at every turn reflects the combat ability of Tramy logistics. In the huge and rigid logistics system, front-line distribution employees contribute full momentum.

At 10:20, the cold chain car 8192 returned to the third phase of the group. After disinfection and sterilization, he Liqun quickly stopped making nucleic acid, because to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention personnel, the logistics center required the distribution staff to make nucleic acid and antigen twice a day.

"Why don't you go to dinner first, and I'll pick you up later." "no, I'll go with you," Xiaobian replied. "Then I'll get the bill first..." After 20 minutes, he Liqun returned with the delivery order. Regardless of food, I drove to the first phase to pick up the goods. At this time, it is the peak period of receiving goods. The cold chain trucks are arranged from phase II to phase I. on the bridge from phase II to phase I, a green traffic flow arches and moves forward slowly.

While waiting, he Liqun opened the lunch box and quickly took two bites. In less than 5 minutes, the car in front moved, and he quickly put down the lunch box again, so intermittently, until the second departure at 12:12, he still had no time to finish the meal. According to today's workload, he will deliver three cars. The second car starts at 12 o'clock and returns at 3 o'clock at the earliest. When the third car returns, it will be 8 o'clock in the evening.

Driving from dawn to darkness, I spend more than ten hours on the road every day, which is the normal work of Tramy logistics drivers, including he Liqun. Finish the work early and finish it early. Without much thought, with a foot on the accelerator, 8192 set out again and drove on the South sixth highway.

The picture shows: at 13:30 p.m. on May 27, the cold chain truck came to Jinju community, Changning District. He Liqun unloaded the truck with volunteers

This is destined to be a busy day. According to the data from the logistics distribution center, on May 27, the logistics center sent 371 cars, 269 of which went to Changning, just as the big gift package. The previous day, that is, the friends circle crazy spread the Tramy cold chain car Changlong on May 26, 311 of which were sent that day, and 212 of which went to Changning. Hundreds of large-scale motorcades were sent to an area with great momentum. It is no wonder that citizens were watching and had a glimpse of the hard power of Tramy Baogong.

Before the complete return of fireworks in Shanghai, Tramy's logistics team had already fully released its transportation capacity, and all more than 500 cold chain trucks opened up the livelihood access of urban staple and non-staple food. The success of this round of Tramy supply guarantee is a strong driving force at the critical moment of the whole industrial chain, and it is also the combat accumulation of the COVID-19 in 2020. The experience of ensuring the supply of Shangyu epidemic in 2021 - for the advance rehearsal of the follow-up livelihood guarantee campaign of Tramy, hundreds of thousands of guarantee gift packages are delivered in time every day, reflecting the industrial strength and responsibility of enterprises, and making a Tramy model for the guarantee of the supply of main and non-staple food in the vegetable basket in megacities.