Chen Xuejun, director of Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, investigated TramyPublish Time:2022-07-12 10:18

On May 31, Chen Xuejun, director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision and Deputy Secretary of the Party group, and his delegation visited Tramy to investigate the resumption of work, business and market of Tramy group. Lu Xuecheng, deputy district head of Pudong New Area, Chen Yanfeng, deputy director of Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, Li Xiaomeng, chief economist, Zhang Li, director of Pudong New Area market supervision and Administration Bureau, Guan Handong, deputy director, Shen Jianhua, chairman of Tramy group, Fu Yaojuan, President of the group, Shen Huming, vice chairman of the group, Yu Zhouru, deputy chief economist of the group, Liu Wanlong, vice president of the group and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

The picture shows Chen Xuejun, director of Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau (first from the left in the front row), inspecting the planning layout of Tramy food industrial park

Chen Xuejun and his party visited and investigated the enterprise inspection and testing center of Tramy group, inspected the information monitoring of the whole industrial chain and the display of "smart brain", and held a discussion with chairman Shen Jianhua on Tramy's anti epidemic situation and production measures in the conference room of the administrative building.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the group adheres to the static and dynamic prevention of people, objects and places. Through full staff nucleic acid, full area disinfection and sterilization, and all-round evaluation - three complete prevention and control, and linkage with disease control experts and testing institutions, the group implements the "four should and four should" and "four should" to ensure personnel and production safety to the greatest extent.

In response to the demand for people's livelihood food security in the silent period, the group has fully implemented "closed-loop production" on the premise of ensuring the safety and controllability of the epidemic prevention situation of the enterprise, and the stable operation of large supply, large industry, large logistics and large circulation. It has successively developed more than 10 large group purchase gift bags with excellent quality and stable price, with a maximum daily supply capacity of 350000 boxes and a total guaranteed supply of more than 10 million boxes.

At present, more than 720 channel stores of Tramy group throughout Shanghai should be fully opened. The manufacturing capacity of the group has quickly returned to normal and improved. The supply varieties of stores are rich, and the prices are at the same level as before the epidemic. It provides more high-quality staple and sideline food for urban resumption of production enterprises and local citizens who have gradually lifted their silence. In the post epidemic era, it continues to reflect the responsibility of Minsheng food enterprises.

Director Chen Xuejun affirmed that Tramy group promoted enterprise quality control by relying on information technology, which played a supporting role in the high-quality development of the enterprise. Thanks to the social responsibility of Tramy group based on the people's livelihood during the epidemic, which has made a very important contribution to increasing supply and stabilizing the market. We hope that Tramy will further increase the production and supply of soybean products, implement the main responsibility of enterprise food safety, and ensure that citizens' food consumption is "affordable and safe to eat".