Tramy won the "advanced collective of Shanghai Rural Revitalization"Publish Time:2022-08-05 01:37

In order to fully implement the strategy of rural revitalization, fully mobilize all sectors of society in the city to actively participate in Rural Revitalization and play an exemplary and leading role of advanced models, the Shanghai rural work conference was held a few days ago. At the meeting, the "decision on commending advanced collectives and individuals for Rural Revitalization in Shanghai" was read out, and tramy group was awarded the title of "advanced collectives for Rural Revitalization in Shanghai".

Over the years, tramy group has actively participated in the Rural Revitalization Strategy. Since 2018, it has established agricultural product Counterpart Assistance bases in poverty-stricken areas such as Yunnan, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, and purchased more than 3 million kilograms of local vegetables and fruits such as oats, green beans, baby vegetables, peas, etc., with an order amount of more than 20 million yuan. The Group actively responded to the call of the Pudong New Area Agricultural Committee and established a vegetable industry consortium in the form of "group + agricultural company + village collective + cooperative + farmers". In addition to vegetable procurement, the group also distributed profits in the form of secondary distribution to increase farmers' and collective economic income. At present, tramy has built more than 5000 mu of high standard and facility vegetable planting bases in Nicheng, Xuanqiao and other places in Pudong, and promoted the whole process mechanized planting of green leafy vegetables, which has improved the quality of vegetables in Pudong as a whole and enhanced the competitiveness of regional agriculture.

In 2020, tramy group deeply participated in the establishment of Shanghai Rural Revitalization demonstration village in yaolu village, Xuanqiao Town, and comprehensively implemented the three themes of industrial co construction, service co construction and cultural co construction. Through the "four new" (new mode, new equipment, new technology, new varieties), build a national leading agricultural industry demonstration base in yaolu village to empower traditional agriculture; Jointly build tramy apartments, create an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and serve scientific and technological talents; The exhibition hall of tramy Co Construction on yaolu will be built to display the construction content and phased achievements of the demonstration project of Rural Revitalization on yaolu. Build tramy school, tramy garden creative agricultural park and other characteristic points to serve villagers' learning and improve their needs. In order to facilitate the daily life of villagers, tramy also built the first tramy supermarket in the pure agricultural area in yaolu village, and implemented discount sales for a long time to create a 15 minute convenience life circle. tramy and yaolu work together to depict the "five feng life" of yaolu village, which is "strong in industry", "rich in spirit", "beautiful in ecology", "excellent in governance" and "rich in life", and successfully create a demonstration village for Rural Revitalization in Shanghai.