Tramy Deli is openPublish Time:2022-09-05 12:43

Strict selection of ingredients, classic inheritance, taste of old brine, open oven roast... In July, xuanxia Road Food Street added a new business form, and Tramy Jufeng flavor - brine cooked food was officially opened, and delicious dishes such as roast duck, beef and cooked vegetables appeared.

The roast duck with Tramy deli is made of high-quality raw materials. The duck is full-bodied, rich in brine, rich in flavor, and of the same quality. The price performance ratio of this duck is particularly high; Tramy deli’s beef is made of high-quality beef tendon, supplemented by a variety of natural materials, with rich soy sauce, good taste and safety; Come and taste the delicious cooked vegetables. They are appetizing in summer and driving away the cold in winter. They are healthy and delicious. Dear Tramy colleagues, please come to Tramy deli taste soon and share the best Tramy taste with your family.