The group held the 2022 July 1 theme party day activityPublish Time:2022-09-05 02:10

In order to carry forward the great party building spirit and stimulate the sense of responsibility and mission of the majority of Party members and staff backbones of Tramy group. On July 3, 2022, the general branch of the Tramy party convened the backbone of the group's party members, the Tramy Youth League branch and the Qingmei women's Federation to hold a party day activity with the theme of "learning the spirit of the Party Congress, working hard and taking responsibility". Xu gendi, Secretary of the general branch of the Tramy party, Shen Huming, vice chairman of the Tramy group and an activist for joining the party, and Wang Jiafei, Secretary of the Tramy Youth League branch, participated in this activity.

At 8 a.m. on July 3, Tramy party members, league members and women representatives gathered in the conference room of the administrative building of the group to study the report of the 12th Shanghai Party Congress.

The picture shows Xu gendi, Secretary of the general Party branch of the group, presiding over the special study

At the meeting, Xu gendi, Secretary of the Tramy party general branch, introduced in detail the main content of the report of the 12th Shanghai Party Congress to the participating members. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of the times and Shanghai, and is highly political and leading.

Secretary Xu demanded that the vast number of Tramy party members and staff backbones should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress of Tramy city and achieve comprehensive coverage. We should vigorously carry forward the great party building spirit, take it as the guide, and comprehensively strengthen the party building work in Tramy.

The picture shows Shen Huming, vice chairman of the group, 

making a concluding speech

After in-depth study, Shen Huming, vice chairman of Tramy group, made a concluding speech. Shen said that this party congress has determined the goals and key tasks of Shanghai's work in the next five years, providing a broad space for Tramy's future development. We should improve our position, accurately benchmark, seize the opportunity, find the combination point and entry point of our work, implement the spirit of the municipal Party Congress with practical actions, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

After the special study, the general Party branch led the Tramy backbones to the zhujiadian Anti Japanese war monument to admire the deeds of the martyrs. On August 21, 1944, the Pudong detachment of the East Zhejiang guerrilla column of the New Fourth Army, under the command of its leader Zhu Yamin, relied on favorable terrain to ambush the Japanese invading army at zhujiadian, liuzao (now Huilong village, liuzao town). The soldiers dared to fight and fight, and wiped out 34 Japanese troops at one stroke. Our army suffered no casualties and dealt a heavy blow to the Japanese invaders. In order to commemorate this typical example of the New Fourth Army's great influence in Pudong area under the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the Anti Japanese War, on May 15, 1986, the people's Government of liuzao Township set up the "zhujiadian Anti Japanese war monument" inscribed by Comrade Zhu Yamin at the original site of the ambush.

In the afternoon, Tramy backbones came to Yaolu village, a municipal level demonstration village for Rural Revitalization in Shanghai, and visited Tramy group on the spot to understand the results of its participation in Rural Revitalization. During the visit, everyone came to the 5g smart rice field production demonstration area, Tramy school and Tramy supermarket one after another. They rolled up their sleeves and volunteered to weed the open farmland. Thanks to the introduction of Tramy group, the theme of "vegetable fragrant waist Road, Tramy Pastoral" was clearly defined. Yaolu village, which used to have a poor floor, stood out in the selection of municipal level rural revitalization demonstration village. The cooperation between Tramy and yaolu in industry, service and culture was welcomed by the villagers. It provides a good model for Pudong to explore a new mode of enterprises' Deep Participation in Rural Revitalization and for village enterprise cooperation to achieve a virtuous cycle of development.

The picture shows Tramy backbone volunteers weeding in yaolu base

Under the scorching sun, the backbone of Tramy are full of energy, and the field presents a scene of vigorous labor. Everyone really realized the hardships of field work and the hard won grain, further strengthened the enthusiasm and motivation to personally invest in rural revitalization, and contributed to Tramy's promotion of Pudong's agricultural upgrading.