Regular nucleic acid testing to protect employees' healthPublish Time:2022-09-05 03:22

Since May, in response to the requirements of relevant departments in Pudong New Area, on the basis of the implementation plan of Pudong New Area to create a "15 minute nucleic acid sampling service circle", and in accordance with the principles of standardization, standardization and normalization, the group has set up a special area in the factory as the "nucleic acid sampling point" to facilitate the nucleic acid detection of enterprises. In the hot summer, the angels in white still stick to the nucleic acid sampling point and are busy at the forefront of nucleic acid sampling every day. The quality department shall assist in maintaining order on site.

After entering the midsummer, yellow and orange warnings of high temperature were issued frequently. The high temperature and heat is a great challenge for the staff of the nucleic acid detection site. The company has specially purchased a mobile safe nucleic acid detection booth. The sampling facility has changed from a simple tent and a table into a professional sampling room equipped with air conditioning, which greatly improves the sampling environment of sampling teachers and improves service efficiency.

On the premise of not affecting production, all departments and offices shall reasonably arrange all on-the-job employees to arrive at the sampling point on time, queue up in an orderly manner to actively cooperate, complete nucleic acid sampling before the specified time point, and strive to obtain nucleic acid reports before taking up their posts. At present, the epidemic prevention fence of Tramy group is firmly fixed. But what needs to be advocated is that the battle is still not over, and the Tramy family still needs to work hard!