Staff of epidemic prevention and control barrier inoculated with new crown vaccinePublish Time:2022-10-11 12:16

In order to resolutely win the "war of resistance" for epidemic prevention and control, cut off the "last mile" of the transmission chain, and implement the "three pieces of new epidemic prevention". On August 11, the Group invited Xuanqiao Community Health Service Center to Tramy to vaccinate its employees.

At 1:00 p.m. on August 11, in the staff canteen of Tramy Phase II, the staff were orderly arranged and separated in turn. According to the early guidance, the volunteers also stood in their own positions to provide advice and help maintain order.

Inoculation medical personnel cooperated tacitly, performed their duties, scanned the code to enter information, checked the vaccination situation, informed the precautions, standardized the vaccine injection, and guided the vaccine to stay on; The security doctor who stayed to watch carefully, handled various vaccination problems in a timely manner, and patiently answered various doubts of vaccination staff; Tramy employees from all corners of the world complete each dose of inoculation as required. At 4 p.m., the vaccination task was successfully completed as the last observed object finished the observation. Efforts were made to improve each link. Tramy supported the urban epidemic situation from its own point of view, and did a good job in advance of regular epidemic prevention, which reflected the responsibility of leading enterprises in the industry in all aspects.