Tramy Soybean Products Science Popularization Base Holds Thematic Activities of Science FestivalPublish Time:2022-10-11 12:36

From August 20 to 26, during the Science and Technology Festival in Pudong New Area in 2022, the Tramy Soybean Products Science Popularization Base held the theme activity of the Science and Technology Festival of "Beans Fragrance, Healthy Sharing", which enabled the public to "meet" with modern science and technology of bean products in an intuitive and vivid way, walked into the Tramy Production Base to understand the new production process of modern soybean products, and walked into the Tramy Fresh Home Channel Network to feel the charm of the healthy food market, Go into the Tramy digital publicity field to learn about traditional food multimedia information, and friends from all sides widely participate in exploring technology.

During the activity, Tramy science popularization volunteers were 

at the Tramy taste site to conduct a healthy diet survey of soybean products

At present, there are occasional outbreaks in Shanghai. In order to ensure the production safety of the Group, and at the same time, to amplify the effect of science popularization. Tramy Science Popularization Base timely used new media means to produce a popular science video of soy products called "Little Soybean Metamorphosis", which introduced the production environment of soy beans, the production process of soy products, the nutritional value of tofu, etc. The combination of detailed text and vivid and interesting cartoon videos attracted the audience's interest in reading and triggered everyone's approval and forwarding. As of August 26, the click rate of popular science pictures and texts of Tramy soy products on Shanghai Tramy Public Account has exceeded 1600 person times.

Online and offline integration. During the Science Festival,Tramy's offline science popularization activities of "Beans are fragrant, and health is shared by thousands of families" are rich and colorful, and the concept of healthy diet is disseminated through the internal exhibition, interactive experience and science popularization video broadcast in the film and television hall of the science popularization base. The offline channel network of Tramy Xianjia was used as the carrier to enhance the accessibility of publicity. During the activity,Tramy's science popularization team made unified publicity materials, bean products healthy diet questionnaires, and deployed Tramy's offline activities. Disseminate the featured highlights of the Science and Technology Festival and the nutrition knowledge of soybean products to the consumers, and elaborate the popular science knowledge of soybean products from the aspects of soybean origin, soybean classification, and soybean efficacy to guide consumers to purchase. From August 20 to 26, a total of 358 people participated in the offline theme activity of "Beans Fragrance Floating in Thousands of Families, Health Sharing", making Tramy a leading position to improve the people's concept of healthy diet.