The General Branch of the Tramy Party focuses on learning from the original intention 18 lecturesPublish Time:2022-10-11 12:49

On the morning of August 5, the General Branch of the Ching mei Party organized Ching mei Party members to watch the "Beginnings Lecture". Xu Jiangang, Executive Vice President of the Party School of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, gave a speech with the theme of "Action Program for Striving for a New Journey and Creating a New Miracle -- Learning the Spirit of the Twelfth Shanghai Party Congress". In combination with the previous five-year plans of Shanghai, the lecture explained in detail the specific indicators of the goal of building Shanghai into a modern international socialist metropolis with world influence, emphasized the key tasks and key links in the next five years, and further emphasized the importance of the construction of the Party. Through learning, Tramy Party members expressed with passion that they should stick to hard work and strive to add new glory to the glorious city of Shanghai.