The 5th Shanghai Food Industry Moon Cake Skills Contest, Tramy Contest, won the Bronze AwardPublish Time:2022-10-11 12:53

On August 4, the fifth Shanghai Food Industry Mooncake Skills Competition "Nanqiao Cup" in 2022 Shanghai Food Industry Vocational Skills Competition ended successfully. Nearly 60 contestants from 18 moon cake manufacturers, including Gongdelin, Xinghualou,Tramy, Xinya Food, Qiao Jiazhai, competed on the same stage. Hong Jianrong, Wang Liliang, Fan Yangyang from Tramy won bronze medals.

Shanghai is known as half of China's baking industry. The development of baking industry in East China and Shanghai is ahead of the whole country. The "Moon Cake Season" is coming. In this competition, all competitors have their own unique skills.

The Soviet style hundred fruit moon cake brought by the Tramy contestants for this competition is golden in color and fragrant. After one bite, the taste is progressive. The nuts are stacked together and taste "crunchy". Chewing slowly, you can feel the roasted nuts emitting fresh fragrance, and the taste gradually becomes dense and soft, with endless aftertaste.

The beautiful egg yolk and lotus paste moon cake can make people salivate just by looking at it. From the skin to the filling, the ingredients used are all selected to bring more texture to the diners! Each salted egg yolk has been selected by hand, with uniform size, plump and mellow golden color! The selected lotus seeds are delicate and fragrant. After being roasted in a special process, the salted egg yolk will become oily and sandy at the entrance. The lotus paste is fragrant, the egg yolk is fragrant, and the delicate crisp skin is golden, which is appetizing.

From the Soviet style to the Cantonese style, Tramy masters not only retained their traditional skills, but also combined innovative ideas to make beautiful and delicious moon cakes. Participated in baking competitions for many years in succession, representing Tramy's persistence and confidence of being realistic, innovative and bold in the development of the industry. In the future,Tramy will continue to work hard to make every delicious snack for consumers.