Liantang Town Government sends brocade flag to Tramy GroupPublish Time:2022-10-11 12:59

Every time we help each other, there is an echo of love. On August 17, the People's Government of Liantang Town, Qingpu District sent a banner to Tramy Group, thanking Tramy for helping farmers during the epidemic, purchasing water bamboo shoots in Liantang in batches and caring for farmers, rural areas and farmers, and helping farmers solve their concerns.

Zhang Lixia (first from left), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Liantang Town, presented the banner to Tramy Group

During the epidemic, in order to solve the unsalable problem of water bamboo, a national geographical indication protection product in Liantang Town, Qingpu District, from April 21, the Tramy supply chain quickly connected with relevant departments in Liantang, and then actively added the water bamboo to the Tramy guaranteed product catalog, connecting the sales demand of farmers in Liantang Town with the whole Tramy industrial chain, effectively solving the problem of water bamboo in Liantang, realizing the balance between production and sales, and stabilizing the income of farmers, Use Tramy brand to drive the industrial chain to achieve common prosperity.