Xinhua News Agency reports the new farmers in TramyPublish Time:2022-10-11 01:53

China's state news agency - Xinhua News Agency focused on the new farmers in Tramy from the media perspective. Ren Liwei, the leader of agricultural machinery in Tramy Agricultural Science and Technology, appeared on the Xinhua News Agency video. The post-90s new farmer skillfully operated UAV for plant protection in the video. It took only one day to complete the spraying of 200 mu of waist 5G paddy fields.

Xinhua News Agency New media: 

the "flying hand" of the post-90s generation in smart rice fields: 

new farmers flying new hopes

Ren Liwei, who grew up in the countryside, was impressed by the traditional plant protection method, and the 200 mu farmland spraying, which took 4-5 days to complete by two people, while the agricultural digitization completely overturned the stereotype of traditional agriculture facing the loess and facing the sky.

In the Tramy Yaolu Base where he worked, the first fully intelligent digital rice planting demonstration area in Shanghai has planted different varieties of rice introduced by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The intelligent monitoring rod transmits the lighting, air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, rice field images, etc. related to field management to the digital rice platform in real time, collects and uploads the images of rice growth environment and growth conditions to the cloud, and the cloud system analyzes the environment and growth trend, and makes management decisions such as fertilization and irrigation based on the growth model, with higher efficiency and more accurate operation.

Ren Liwei learned a lot from his daily travels in the fields. Thanks to his digital and intelligent support, Tramy's agricultural science and technology has been greatly improved. "He said that it is hard to imagine that the national communication society has paid attention to him, and believes that he will certainly have greater improvement on the big platform of Tramy, and together with the majority of young people of Tramy, they will fly their dreams in the widely praised Tramy farmland.