Hang Yingwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC New Area Committee and District Head, investigated YaoluPublish Time:2022-10-11 02:53

On August 2, Hang Yingwei, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal Government, Deputy Secretary General of Pudong New Area District Committee and District Chief, led a team to Tramy Waist Road Base to carry out epidemic prevention, stabilize economy, ensure safety, visit and check.


Hang Yingwei, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and District Head of the New Area (third from the left in the front row), watched the control platform of Yaolu Village Industrial Demonstration Base

The leaders of the district successively inspected Tramy School, Tramy Taste, Tramy Xianjia Supermarket, Tramy Agricultural Industry Demonstration Base, and the management and control platform of Yaolu Village Industrial Demonstration Base. In 2021, Tramy Group will actively participate in the revitalization of Yaolu Village, carry out village enterprise cooperation under the guidance of the Party building, and successfully establish the third group of demonstration villages for rural revitalization in Shanghai last year through industrial, cultural and service co construction.

Mayor Hang Yingwei affirmed Tramy's commitment to the rural revitalization project. He said that Pudong is the core bearing area of the Science and Technology Innovation Center. He hoped that Tramy would continue to expand its thinking, focus on scientific and technological innovation, build a high-quality brand of enterprises and agricultural products, drive farmers to increase their income by strengthening the foundation of agriculture, and develop and grow in the protection of the public's table safety and happiness.