"National Day Rice" in Yaolu BasePublish Time:2022-10-28 01:05

On September 11, Tramy "National Day Rice" was harvested. In the field of Tramy Base in Yaolu Village, the staff gently clicked the screen of the intelligent device to give instructions, directing the unmanned harvester to run at full power in the golden field. Soon, the golden rice ears will fully load the agricultural machinery. On the eve of National Day 2022, Tramy 5G rice field ushered in the first batch of mass production results.

After a one-year demonstration, the smart agriculture architecture of Tramy Yaolu Base has begun to take shape, realizing the transition from precise management to intelligent decision-making, and gradually to unmanned operation, and building the first high-end model demonstration base of rice production smart farm in Pudong New Area. In late June, Tramy Agricultural Science and Technology introduced "Huzaojiang 193" and other special early maturing japonica rice produced in Shanghai suburbs in Yaolu Base. It is expected to harvest before the National Day because of its early maturity, fragrance, good appearance and eating quality.

The unmanned harvester is harvesting at the 5G rice base on Yaolu Road

Smart agriculture+superior varieties, Yaolu Base welcomes the harvest and presents a gift to the National Day. In the Yaolu base, the field production of Huzaojing 193 is good, with complete panicle branches and well proportioned panicles and grains. Peel off a handful of rice husks, and the grains are crystal clear and full. On September 21, according to the expert's output estimation, the "Huzaojiang 193" planted in Yaolu Base overcame the adverse effects of high temperature and other adverse effects, and its yield per mu reached 483.3 kg, which is far higher than the average level of over 350 kg of special early maturing rice in the city. Its crystal and plump appearance and soft, waxy and sweet taste were unanimously praised by the experts on the scene.

At present, Tramy Group is cooperating with the Crop Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, planning to introduce new varieties of special fine taste japonica rice suitable for industrial application and brand development in Pudong, select new varieties of fine taste soft rice, new combinations of high-quality and high-yield hybrid japonica rice and new varieties of nutritional functional japonica rice, and build high-quality brand rice of Tramy Group.