Chairman Shen Jianhua was re elected President of Shanghai Soybean Products Industry AssociationPublish Time:2022-10-28 01:55

On September 18, the 8th General Meeting of Shanghai Soybean Products Industry Association and the 8th Council and Board of Supervisors were officially held. At the meeting, Tramy Group was re elected as the president unit of the 8th Council of Shanghai Soybean Products Industry Association. Shen Jianhua, chairman ofTramy Group, continued to serve as the president of the 8th Council of Shanghai Soybean Products Industry Association.

At the meeting, Chairman Shen Jianhua affirmed the work of the bean association over the years. The Shanghai bean association actively performed its duties and innovated, gave full play to the functional orientation of "a family of members, a bridge between government and enterprises, and an eye to the industry", overcame many negative factors such as tax adjustment, price rise, the COVID-19 epidemic, and insufficient personnel, steadily improved the supply level of the industrial chain, and fully integrated into the new development pattern of "internal circulation first, internal and external circulation mutual promotion", All member enterprises have gone against the trend and developed steadily. The influence and cohesion of the Association have been further enhanced, and the social contribution has been further demonstrated, which has strongly promoted the high-quality development of Shanghai bean products industry.

Chairman Shen Jianhua said that as the new president of the Association, he would face the burden of industrial innovation and high-quality development, earnestly perform the duties of the president, lead all member enterprises of the Association to unite, continue to make efforts in brand building, scientific and technological innovation, quality improvement, standard construction, supply and price guarantee, be realistic, pragmatic, forge ahead, strive to create a new situation, and win new development.