Tramy Soybean Products Health Science Popularization Volunteer ActivityPublish Time:2022-12-23 02:14

To spread the knowledge of healthy diet of soybean products and reflect the corporate social responsibility. Since August 29, 2022, under the guidance of the Chiang Mei Party, the Chiang Mei volunteer team has launched a voluntary campaign to popularize the science of healthy diet of soybean products. Relying on Chiang Mei's Chiang Mei fresh stores in Pudong, Shanghai, through questionnaires, product explanations and other ways, Chiang Mei will spread the scientific knowledge of soybean products to the public and advocate a more civilized and healthy lifestyle.

The picture shows that in Tramy, Tramy volunteers are conducting a questionnaire survey

Tramy volunteer team arranges volunteer activities according to the daily work arrangement of employees and the peak hours of sales in the stores, so as to ensure that there are daily explanations and all the stores in the New Area are periodically covered. At the entrance of the store, volunteers hold questionnaires and invite customers to the store to conduct on-site surveys to spread the types of soybeans, the efficacy of soybean products and other contents; In front of the store counter, facing the customers who choose to buy, volunteers will also take the initiative to introduce the types, nutrition and dietary taboos of soy products, to ensure that consumers can buy the most suitable products. The comparison between products and practical knowledge will enable consumers to have a deeper understanding of soy products and form a more healthy diet concept.

Volunteer activities superimpose Tramy's channel network, and Tramy's spiritual civilization building activities have achieved remarkable results. Relying on the kinetic energy of the whole industry chain of the Group, it better reflects social responsibility. Next, the Tramy volunteer team will pool their wisdom and carry out more characteristic activities, so that the spiritual civilization and the people's livelihood can be overlapped to show the unique style of the Tramy brand.