EHS Department holds environmental protection publicity activitiesPublish Time:2022-12-23 02:24

On October 19, 2022, Tramy Company held a publicity activity for protecting the earth and environmental protection in the canteen of the headquarters. This activity attracted a lot of colleagues to participate actively, and effectively improved everyone's environmental awareness.

In the process of the activity, the EHS Department launched environmental protection brochures to employees and publicized environmental protection knowledge through award-winning Q&A. Through this "civilized and environmental protection" campaign, we will promote the traditional virtue of thrift, implement the concept of ecological environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of the ecological environment. At the same time, the employees understand that the environment is a complex of social and material conditions on which human beings rely for survival and development, and that human activities can not be separated from the environment.

"The environment is around us". Everyone is a key link in protecting the environment. Start with small things, start with little things, and everyone can participate in creating our beautiful green home. Publicize environmental protection to the people and the masses, advocate personal practice, and guide everyone to actively participate in social and environmental construction to contribute to building a green home.