TramyParty Committee Held Themed Party Day ActivitiesPublish Time:2022-12-23 02:30

After organizing all Party members and senior cadres of the Company to listen to the live broadcast of the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 16.

The on-site learning atmosphere is warm

Since the 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have experienced three major events of great practical and far-reaching historical significance to the cause of the Party and the people: first, ushering in the centennial of the founding of the CPC; second, entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics; and third, completing the historical task of eradicating poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and achieving the first centennial goal.

Shen Huming, Vice Chairman of the Group, attended the meeting and made an exchange speech

Through unremitting efforts, our Party has found the second answer to the self revolution, which breaks out of the historical cycle of the rise and fall of chaos control, to ensure that the Party will never deteriorate, change color, and remain unchanged. In the final analysis, there are two "lines". Marxism is our fundamental guiding ideology for building the Party and the country. Our experience has taught us that, at the fundamental level, we owe the success of the Communist Party of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics to the fact that Marxism works, particularly when it is adapted to the Chinese context and the needs of our times Having the guidance of Marxist scientific theory is the basis for our Party to strengthen its faith and grasp the historical initiative. The central task of the CPC is to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in building a strong socialist modernization country in an all-round way, achieve the second century goal, and comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese path to modernization.

Through learning, the majority of Chiang Kai shek and the United States Party members have learned more deeply that on the way forward, they must adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the people centred development thought, adhere to deepening reform and opening up, and adhere to the spirit of struggle. We should strengthen the morale, backbone and confidence of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups. We should not believe in evil, be afraid of ghosts, and be afraid of pressure. We should move forward in the face of difficulties, meet difficulties, and make overall plans for development and security. We should spare no effort to overcome various difficulties and challenges on the way forward, and rely on tenacious struggle to open up a new world for career development.

This country is its people; the people are the country. As the Communist Party of China has led the people in fighting to establish and develop the People's Republic, it has really been fighting for their support. Bringing benefit to the people is the fundamental principle of governance. Working for the people's wellbeing is an essential part of the Party's commitment to serving the public good and exercising governance for the people. We must adhere to ensuring and improving people's livelihood in development, encourage common efforts to create a better life, and constantly realize the people's aspiration for a better life.

Xu Gendi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group, makes work deployment

Xu Gendi, secretary of the party committee of Tramy Group, said that the party members and cadres of Tramy Group should thoroughly study and implement the spirit essence and core essence of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), practically integrate their thoughts and actions into the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), take learning, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) as a major political task at present and in the future, and incorporate it into the "compulsory courses" of theoretical study, group study, cadre training, and party member education of each party branch of the Group, We will adopt various ways to carry out systematic learning, promote the study and implementation of the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China to go deep, to the heart, to the reality, and to enhance our sense of mission.

Xu Gendi reminded that the majority of Tramy Party members must more thoroughly implement the twenty major theories into their normal work, and always remember that "working hard for craftsmanship and improving people's livelihood" is the most important path for the Group to maintain rapid growth and climb new heights of development. They should cherish and adhere to it more, never relax, guide and ensure Tramy to better contribute to the people's good life.