Tramy Group won the May Day Labor Award of ShanghaiPublish Time:2022-12-23 02:43

Recently, the Shanghai "Civil Servants Satisfied by the People" and the May Day Labor Award Commendation Conference were held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The list of winners of the Shanghai May Day Labor Award (medals, certificates of award, pioneer workers) in 2022 was announced. Tramy Group won the Shanghai May Day Labor Award.

The Shanghai May Day Labor Award is a municipal honor granted by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions to enterprises and institutions in the city. It aims to commend enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the implementation of major national strategic tasks and the key work of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government, strengthening the "four functions", deepening the construction of the "five centers", and developing the "five oriented economy".

This time, Tramy Group won the May Day Labor Certificate of Shanghai, which is a high recognition of all the employees of the Group. Behind the honor,Tramy people adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, but also pursue the cause of high-quality staple and non-staple food meticulously. For Tramy, this honor is recognition, but also responsibility. In the path of constantly improving the food basket to ensure the people's livelihood, the majority of Tramy employees will continue to work hard, forge ahead bravely, We will continue to contribute wisdom and momentum to the people's better life.