The general branch of the TramyParty was promoted to the Party committeePublish Time:2022-12-23 02:57

On October 11, 2022, the first party meeting of the CPC Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully held, and the general branch of the Tramy Party was officially upgraded to the Party Committee. Zhang Jiandong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xuanqiao Town, Feng Xiaoying, Member of the Party Committee, Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, Fu Yaojuan, President of Tramy Group, Shen Huming, Vice Chairman of the Group, Xu Gendi, Head of the Group's Party Committee and other leaders attended the meeting.

Xu Gendi, the person in charge of the Tramy Group Party Committee, made the work report "Red Leading Sailing is Gathering Strength and Starting Again to Write a New Chapter of Party Building on the Journey of Forging the People's Livelihood Cause to Create a Tramy High quality Urban Service Ecological Chain".

The report points out that the past three years have been an important period for the general branch of the Chiang American Party to integrate into the general trend, consolidate the foundation and forge ahead actively. We will promote the digital transformation of the entire industrial chain, strictly enforce quality, ensure people's livelihood, and fight against epidemic diseases. We will complete the tasks of ensuring the supply of staple food and non-staple food in Tramy cities with quality and quantity, and demonstrate the role of Tramy Party members under the new development pattern.

The next five years will be the key five years for Pudong to build a leading area for socialist modernization, the key five years for Tramy to comprehensively promote the 12456 development strategy, the key five years for the Group to accelerate its transformation into a comprehensive service provider for urban life, and the key five years for the Tramy Party Committee to consolidate the red kinetic energy and strengthen the ideological and political leadership. The Tramy Party Committee will thoroughly implement the general requirements for party building in the new era, actively integrate and serve the new pattern of Tramy's leapfrog development, take the implementation of high-quality party building to lead high-quality development as the main direction, focus on strengthening the construction of the leadership and talent team, give full play to the vanguard role of Tramy Party members, promote the deep integration of party building and business, seize the opportunity, seize the momentum, and strive for first-class, Enhance the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the party building work, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for the Group's comprehensive implementation of the 12456 development strategy.

Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, congratulated the opening of the conference. He said that after 24 years of leapfrog development, with the care and support of leaders of Party committees and governments at all levels, Tramyi Group has transformed from a single soybean product business to a "comprehensive service provider for urban life", and has explored a characteristic development path of coordinated development of the whole industrial chain, deep integration of three industries, and common prosperity of upstream and downstream. Tramyi's industrial blueprint is slowly unfolding. In the future, Tramy Group will continue to focus on the needs of people's livelihood, meet the people's needs for a better life with the spirit of craftsmanship, forge ahead, and climb a new peak in the great cause of the people's city.

In this context, the establishment of the Party Committee of Tramy Group is just in time, and will certainly promote the upgrading of the Party building of the Group, inject abundant "red kinetic energy" into the green industry, and show a new atmosphere. Chairman Shen Jianhua put forward ardent requirements for the future work of the Tramy Party Committee.

First, political leadership focuses on the overall situation.

Second, focus on the main industry leaders. We should fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of Party members and comrades, focus on the main responsibility of the Group, strive to be the pacesetter and pioneer in their respective posts, and create a strong atmosphere of catching up with others.

Third, stimulate vitality and shape culture. We should educate and guide the majority of Party members and comrades to take the lead in establishing the awareness that "enterprises are my family and development depends on everyone", and make bold innovations and innovations in production and management, and constantly offer suggestions and suggestions; We should help each other in learning and living, unite and move forward, form an enterprise culture with beautiful characteristics, and enhance the endogenous power of the enterprise's continuous development.

Zhang Jiandong, secretary of the Xuanqiao Town Party Committee, on behalf of the Xuanqiao Town Party Committee, expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the conference. He said that the establishment of the Tramy Party Committee was a major event in the political life of all members and employees of Tramy Company.

It has made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Xuanqiao.

Last year, the CPC Central Committee issued the Opinions on Supporting the High level Reform and Opening up of Pudong New Area to Build a Leading Area for Socialist Modernization, which will certainly bring unprecedented major development opportunities to various market players. Xuanqiao Town is an important member of the construction of the leading area and the main force of Pudong in the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Tramy Company is the leading enterprise of Xuanqiao, and has great prospects for development under the background of rural revitalization. The majority of Party members and cadres should further enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, seize the opportunity, seize the momentum, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of the leading area and high-quality new Xuanqiao Bridge.

First, we should unswervingly listen to and follow the Party. We should always put political construction in the first place in Party building, always keep in mind that "the country is the largest", deeply understand the decisive significance of "two establishment", and constantly improve political judgment, political understanding and political execution. This year is a big political year, and the 20th National Congress of the Party is about to be held successfully. Next, the whole country will set off an upsurge of learning, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress.

Second, we should unswervingly make contributions to the overall situation. To build a leading area for socialist modernization and a high-quality new Xuanqiao Bridge that is suitable for living, working and traveling, market players are the most active elements, and all employees are masters. In order to achieve the development goal better and faster, Tramy Group's Party Committee must take the initiative to guide all party branches and all party members to better play the role of battlefort and vanguard model, work with the company to identify the role positioning and implementation space in the construction of the leading area and high-quality new publicity bridge, run the requirements and standards of leadership through all areas of enterprise development, and help the company to come up with more new initiatives and create more new highlights.

Third, unswervingly build a high-quality talent team. The key to entrepreneurship lies in people. In order to further achieve leapfrog development in line with the general trend, Tramy Group must cultivate a high-quality talent team with strategic vision, passion and innovation. The Party Committee of Tramy Company should hold high the spirit of the employees to make contributions, and call on the employees to work hard "no matter how late it is today, or how early it is tomorrow," to shoulder the heaviest burden and bite the hardest bone, and strive to promote the development of the enterprise with wisdom and sweat, while winning their own wonderful life. It is believed that all the members and staff of Tramy Company will work together, unite and strive for development under the guidance of the Party Committee, and will be able to create a better future belonging to Pudong, Xuanqiao and Tramy.

Members of the Committee of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. were elected by secret ballot.