Tramy bean sprouts grow naturally, safe, delicious and inexpensivePublish Time:2023-01-09 08:23

Bean sprouts are indispensable vegetables for people's table. "Small bean sprouts are related to the people's livelihood". People care about the safety, health and quality of bean sprouts.

In 2021, in response to the government's call, Tramy Group officially launched the "Tramy 50 ton/day pollution-free green bean sprout production and construction project". The project team firmly implements the requirements of Chairman Shen Jianhua: bean sprouts grow naturally, grow with drinking water, and do not add any additives.

After a period of careful preparation, Tramy bean sprouts were officially put into production.

The clean and bright Tramy bean sprout production workshop covers an area of 3000 ㎡, which is arranged, decorated and managed in strict accordance with the latest version of Shanghai Local Food Safety Standard DB31/2011-2021 Hygienic Code for Industrialized Production of Bean Sprouts.

In order to let the bean sprouts thrive in the appropriate temperature, the Group has installed central air conditioners for all 18 incubators, which are automatically controlled by the control system according to the set temperature. Strictly control the production hygiene, separate the flow of people and logistics, and completely physically separate the bean sprout incubation high cleaning area from other areas to avoid breeding bacteria. The bean sprouts will get hot during the growth process, so it is necessary to cool down and maintain the humidity of the environment by spraying water. The technicians of Tramy Group have developed 18 sets of thermostatic water control systems to ensure that the temperature difference of the water is controlled within 2 degrees throughout the year. All bean sprouts are drenched with domestic drinking water. The incubated bean sprouts are dry cleaned, peeled, automatically weighed, packaged with modified atmosphere, and loaded into the turnover basket, forming a production line with high degree of automation, safety and health.

Although bean sprouts are small, the technology and security behind them are large. Tramy bean sprouts live in air-conditioned rooms and drink drinking water. The growth of bean sprouts conforms to the natural law, making each bag of Tramy bean sprouts reach the best level in terms of safety and health in the industry.