Tramy Industrial Tourism Project Successfully AcceptedPublish Time:2023-01-09 08:26

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized experts to hold an acceptance meeting for the Tramy Science Popularization and Industrial Tourism Base Visit Channel Construction Project, a special fund project for tourism development undertaken by Tramy Group. The project acceptance committee has verified the overall situation of the project construction. After carefully listening to the project leader's report on the construction of the project, reviewing the relevant data accounts, conducting defense, questioning and discussing the overall project implementation at various stages of the project, the experts of the committee finally agreed that the "Tramy Science Popularization and Industrial Tourism Base Visit Channel Construction Project" has completed all the tasks required by the project and reached all the indicators of the special fund, Good social benefits have been achieved, and the project is accepted.

During the project acceptance, the experts of the project acceptance committee highly affirmed the project construction achievements of Tramy Group and hoped that Tramy Group would, on the existing basis, innovate and promote the construction of the industrial tourism system, cultivate a new field of industrial development and a new driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading. Next, we need to focus on the excavation and sorting of industrial culture, enrich and improve the business system, and create characteristic industrial tourism products, so as to highlight the characteristics and gather new advantages for development.

The successful acceptance of this project marks a new step for Tramy Group in the tertiary industry and lays a certain foundation for the higher development of Tramy Group in Shanghai's industrial tourism construction block in the future. With positive results and forge ahead, Tramy will take industrial tourism as the starting point, comprehensively deepen industrial development and tourism integration, expand the development space of primary and secondary industry tourism, and extend the value chain.