Tramy won the national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprisePublish Time:2023-01-09 09:14

Recently, the national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise was awarded the license, and Tramy Group was successfully evaluated by virtue of its remarkable achievements in the integration and development of the whole industrial chain, transformation and upgrading of service-oriented manufacturing, and its comprehensive strength was recognized again.

The selection of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises is to implement the decision and deployment of the State Council on the development of service-oriented manufacturing, and to select service-oriented manufacturing innovation models such as customized services, supply chain management, inspection and testing certification services, and life-cycle management. This award of Tramy Group is a full recognition of the competent department for the Group's deep commitment to service-oriented manufacturing and integration and innovation. As a leading brand of fresh food service in China, Tramyi actively responds to the national strategy of "manufacturing transformation", pays close attention to the improvement of intelligent manufacturing level and supply chain service capability, takes innovation driven and quality first as the guidance, deeply promotes the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and constantly actively explores and accumulates experience in the field of service-oriented manufacturing to promote high-quality development of enterprises.

In the future, Tramy Group will continue to focus on the integrated development of the whole industrial chain and mode innovation, deepen and expand the service-oriented manufacturing paradigm, and continue to extend and enhance the value chain. At the same time, in accordance with the new requirements of the strategy of manufacturing power, with the goal of improving quality and efficiency, we will accelerate our efforts to become a world-class enterprise integrating scientific and technological innovation, digital ecology and green development.