Tramy Women's Federation studies women's ideological and political propagandaPublish Time:2023-02-22 09:57

In order to better guide women workers to integrate their thoughts and understanding into the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, on December 1, 2022, the Tramy Women's Federation organized women's representatives to collectively study the "Pudong Women's Federation 10000 Women's Ideological and Political Conference", which was organized by the vice president of the Research Institute of Government Governance of the Party School of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Chen Baozhong, professor of the Ministry of Public Administration, taught the Political Declaration and Action Plan for Building a Socialist Modernized Country in an All-round Way - Learning Experience of the Report of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Through the study, Tramy women representatives expressed that they would forge ahead with a more positive attitude and a more pragmatic style, and contribute to a better life for the people.