Xinhua News Agency focuses on the revitalization of Tramy countrysidePublish Time:2023-02-22 10:05

Recently, the Xinhua News Agency published a news release entitled "Rural, Not Just Relieving Homesickness", taking Tramy's participation in the joint construction of Yaolu Village and enterprises as the starting point, describing the entrepreneurial process of Yaolu Village from an agricultural village with poor and weak conditions and small-scale farming methods to an excellent case of rural revitalization in Shanghai.

Su Jinshan, director of the Pudong Agriculture Commission, said in the article that it is very important to introduce the second and third industries in order to achieve high-quality development in rural areas. As Shen Jianhua, the chairman of Tramy Group, said, enterprises should not only participate in rural revitalization through blood transfusion, but only through industrial promotion can they achieve rural revitalization to a greater extent.

In Yaolu Village, through the development model of village-enterprise co-construction and integration of three industries, Tramy not only developed enterprises, but also led to the employment of villagers and realized the overall income increase of villagers. In the picturesque New Wai Road in the village, in addition to building supermarkets and restaurants to serve the villagers, Tramy Group has also built a digital high-standard vegetable and rice base and a vegetable sorting center in Wai Road village.

Relying on modern enterprise standards and modern agricultural technology, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we can increase the yield per mu and change the production mode of farmers. The original Pudong farmers can plant chicken hair vegetables three times a year. After using high-tech technology, they can plant 12 times a year. The scientific and technological means of enterprises have greatly improved the planting efficiency.

At the same time, many Pudong farmers have joined the Tramy Vegetable Industry Consortium. Tramy provides materials, seeds, seedlings and other production materials and technologies for the members of the consortium. Planters plant scientifically according to the Tramy standards to ensure the quality of agricultural products; The group purchased at the contract price, which not only ensured the interests of farmers but also ensured the stability and reliability of vegetable raw materials. Tramy is using the modern business model and cutting-edge agricultural technology to help the overall improvement of Pudong agriculture.