Wang Miao was rated as Pudong Craftsman in 2022Publish Time:2023-02-28 01:41

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should accelerate the construction of the national strategic talent force and strive to cultivate more masters, strategic scientists, first-class scientific and technological leaders and innovation teams, young scientific and technological talents, outstanding engineers, large country craftsmen, and highly skilled talents. To this end, the Pudong New Area Federation of Trade Unions, together with the District Science and Technology Commission and the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, jointly carried out the "Pudong Craftsman" tree selection and cultivation activity in 2022. Wang Miao, the production director of Tramy Tianxin, was named as the Pudong Craftsman in 2022.

The tree selection and cultivation activity of "Pudong Craftsmen" aims to accelerate the construction of a knowledge-based, skill-based and innovative workforce, and help promote the high-quality development of Pudong's economy and society. After selection, 30 craftsmen stood out from 124 people and were awarded the "Pudong Craftsman" certificate.

Since joining Tramy in August 2011, Wang Miao has successively held the positions of workshop director, deputy production director, general manager assistant and production director of Tianxin. During the period, Wang Miao took advantage of his rest time to carry out self-study, constantly strengthen his theoretical study, dare to innovate in his work, and shoulder his responsibilities. He actively promoted the equipment automation transformation, and improve the core competitiveness. For example, in the mechanized production process of Japanese noodles, the former noodles need to be manually cut, hung, cooled, and then cut, weighed, and packaged, which is very labor-intensive and workload, There are certain safety hazards in the transfer process of noodles, and the rate of defective products is high. In order to solve this problem, he repeatedly consulted relevant data, organized technical personnel to tackle key problems, and finally designed a scheme to replace manual slitting with mechanized slitting. By adding an automatic underframe drive chain, the noodles were picked up and sent to the cutting conveyor belt for automatic slitting. The improved automatic slitting machine greatly reduced labor intensity, improved labor efficiency, and brought significant economic benefits to the company.