Special acceptance of energy management of Shanghai industrial energy-saving contractPublish Time:2023-02-28 02:25

On October 31, 2022, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology organized experts to hold a special acceptance meeting for industrial energy conservation and contract energy management in Shanghai. After the preliminary on-site inspection, project report, review of relevant data and accounts, and the defense and inquiry of various stages of the project, the expert group affirmed and evaluated the construction of the project, and the project passed the acceptance smoothly.

The special project for industrial energy conservation and contract energy management in Shanghai is issued to accelerate the construction of the city's energy management system and encourage all industrial units in the city to carry out the construction and certification of the energy management system. In recent years, Tramy Group has adhered to the transformation of green smart manufacturing, optimized and adjusted the industrial structure, and promoted low-carbon green sustainable development. The successful acceptance of this project is the recognition of Tramy Group's energy conservation, emission reduction and green smart manufacturing, Tramy Group will continue to adhere to the high-quality development path of green and low-carbon, and help to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.