The taste of reunionPublish Time:2023-03-06 12:36

With the Spring Festival approaching, the staff in the cooked food workshop are working hard and busy, so that the homesickness will be delivered to more family reunion atmosphere along with this Tramy New Year's Eve gift package.

After the National Day in 2022, the leading group of Tianxin began to plan the New Year's Eve dinner plan, conduct investigation and analysis, and discuss repeatedly in many meetings, and finally finalize the variety and products of the gift package. The New Year's Eve gift package contains a variety of products with Tramy characteristics, among which Tramy smoked fish skin, represented by cooked cold dishes, is tender, sweet but not greasy; The thick soup Buddha jumps over the wall, represented by semi-finished hot dishes, is made of high-quality super scallops, abalone, fish maw, etc. There is a specially-assigned person to control the cooking process of the soup to ensure the full taste.

The cooked food workshop, as the workshop responsible for the main dishes of the New Year's Eve dinner products and the workshop responsible for the assembly of gift packages, will pay close attention to the quality of raw materials, ensure the safety and health of the transportation channels, and ensure the safety and health of raw materials from the source according to the packaging experience and experience of previous years, as well as some experience summarized; The employees are required to strictly implement the production process standards, the time is punctual to seconds, and the materials are accurate to grams; In terms of assembly, this year's assembly site is not only bigger and brighter, but also has a temperature control system to ensure the freshness of products. The new year has begun. I hope that Tramy's colleagues will unite and reach a new high!