The whole industrial chain of the Group promotes people's livelihoodPublish Time:2023-03-06 01:22

The tiger roars away from the old year and the rabbit leaps forward to welcome the new year. During the 2023 Spring Festival, we will contribute to ensuring that citizens have a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival, and provide sufficient and safe supply of "vegetable basket" for citizens. The production and supply departments and offices of Tramy Group give up rest, overcome various difficulties, and complete the work of ensuring supply and price stability in the Spring Festival with quality and quantity on the basis of making overall arrangements for personnel.

The "vegetable basket" connects thousands of households and is the most basic livelihood. According to the convention, on the 27th, 28th and 29th of the 12th lunar month before the festival, the citizens of Shanghai stock a large number of New Year's goods. This year, the demand for fresh products such as meat segmentation, noodles, vegetables and so on has doubled, putting pressure on the supply capacity of Tramy. To this end, Tramy supply chain and other departments closely track and predict the market demand, carefully organize the supply, increase the supply variety, enrich the citizen's food basket, and ensure that the quantity and price of important livelihood commodities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are sufficient and stable.

At the same time, due to the optimization of epidemic prevention policies this year, the number of employees returning home during the Spring Festival increased, and the number of employees on duty was correspondingly short. For this reason, all departments and offices of the Group comprehensively launched the personnel operation plan, and conducted staff screening at the beginning of January. In line with the principle of staying as long as possible, and taking leave after the festival, the Company did a good job of ideological work for employees, encouraged employees to return home from peak to peak. For employees on duty during the festival, the Company adopted holiday condolences, forum exchanges, allowances and other ways, Give warmth to employees staying in Shanghai in the new year.

According to the business orders and the overall deployment of personnel during the holiday season, the production department scientifically develops follow-up production plans to improve human efficiency and timeliness, and ensure that few people are not out of stock. In the days of lights and family reunion. Such a group of Tramy people gave up reuniting with their relatives and worked hard for the city with the belief of "sticking to the people's livelihood".

Let the citizens eat comfortably and more at ease. During the festival, although the production capacity increased, the quality management of Tramy products could not be relaxed for a moment. In terms of food safety, the production related departments and offices of the Group strictly controlled the process, increased the quarantine inspection of finished products, and ensured the safety of products leaving the factory. Further strengthen the inspection of production safety, fire safety and other safety work, and carry out special inspections.

During the Spring Festival, all production departments and offices adhere to the principle of on-site management from the head of the department to the grass-roots level. Each on-duty management personnel must adhere to daily on-site inspection, implement normal management, and pay more attention to hidden problems in environmental health, fire safety, standardized operation, product quality and other aspects to improve the management level.

During the festival, Tramy production workshop is busy

Tramy cold chain car is ready to go

During the festival, Tramy Xianjia's new retail channel stores were full of customers

Tramy's high-quality services are available throughout the year. During the holiday season, the Group Logistics Company strictly controls the quality of services. In line with the principle of non-stop delivery services throughout the year, it strengthens the demand communication between stores and B-end customers, emphasizes that orders can be placed if there is any business, and the company ensures timely delivery, and requires that special products such as dinner packages and other special products be taken and uploaded after delivery to ensure that there is no risk.

During the festival, Tramy Group made the business plan for fresh food stores during the Spring Festival. In order to alleviate the problem of people buying food during the Spring Festival, Tramy stores in all communities in Shanghai do not close during the Spring Festival, and remain open as usual.Tramy Yunchao and Tramy meet the needs of residents in a timely manner. Customers can quickly deliver goods to their homes at the first time after placing orders. In the days of family reunion, Tramy's new retail channel network will continue to serve the residents around the stores.

At the same time, the Tramy store increased its product items according to the requirements of fresh food store+convenience store, and made efforts to become a fresh food store+convenience store in terms of content. It strives to have 3000-4500 kinds of goods in the 80-120-meter small store, including bean flour, vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry and aquatic products, seasoning and leisure, grain, oil and flour, etc., to ensure that the supply of goods during the festival is sufficient, not out of stock, kept on file, and not increase prices. In order to create a festive atmosphere, the company also specially equipped lucky bags to the stores to present to the public (Spring Festival couplets, lucky words, window flowers, etc.), to create more festive atmosphere, so that customers can enjoy better store services while purchasing fresh food, and experience the supply momentum of Tramy as a super large food enterprise in the city when the New Year of the Rabbit comes.