The general manager of Tianxin has passed the title evaluation of senior engineerPublish Time:2023-03-06 02:04

Recently, the list of persons who passed the review of the Shanghai Engineering Series Light Industry Professional Senior Professional Title Review Committee in 2022 was announced, and Wang Weijun, the general manager of Shanghai Tianxin Green Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tramy Group, was recognized as a senior professional title.

Wang Weijun was awarded the title of intermediate engineer in December 2018. Under the strong training of the company and the influence of Tramy culture, he has continuously completed his personal promotion. In January 2019, Wang Weijun served as the chief engineer of Shanghai Tianxin Green Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group. Since taking office, he has given full play to his professional skills and management skills in the R&D, innovation, lean, standardization and other aspects of traditional rice flour food and pre-processed food, closely followed the consumption demand and industrial trend of domestic and foreign health food industry, and promoted the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of enterprises. On the broad platform of Tramy, Wang Weijun has constantly made new achievements. He has successively won honorary titles such as "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Pudong New Area", "Shanghai's commercial circulation service industry has fought against the COVID-19, guaranteed urban life, and boosted exemplary individual who have made special contributions to the Shanghai market", "Pudong Craftsman Nomination Award", and "Tramy Group's Gold Award for Innovative Research and Development of New Products with an Output of One Hundred Million Yuan",

Tramy Group has always focused on the integration and innovation of three industries, and has built an innovative talent training platform for enterprises in combination with the group's strategic planning and the actual operation and development of the enterprise. Up to now, it has trained more than 1900 professional and skilled personnel, carried out precise and customized training for various types of young professionals in the enterprise, and improved its comprehensive ability in practice. The Group takes the construction of high-quality professional enterprise talent team as its goal and task, and carries out the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents in the new era with a higher position and greater strength. With the construction of the "three teams" of production and management talents, professional and technical talents and skilled talents as the main line, the Group promotes the planning, layout, strategy, reform, and deep integration of industrial chain, talent chain and innovation chain, We will continue to use scientific and effective talent strategies to promote the strategy of the whole industrial chain of fresh food to go deeper and deeper, and contribute new impetus to the people's better life.