Tramy was approved as a Shanghai municipal design innovation centerPublish Time:2023-03-06 02:20

According to the requirements of the Administrative Measures for the Identification of National Industrial Design Centers (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT Industry [2012] No. 422) and the deployment of the construction of the "City of Design" in Shanghai, in order to further cultivate the main body of the city's design industry market, improve the level of design service supply, and highlight the enabling and driving role of design innovation. The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology carried out the identification of the municipal design innovation center in 2022. After a series of strict review processes, such as enterprise independent application and municipal and district level review, on January 9, 2023, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission released the List of 2022 Municipal Design Innovation Centers, which identified 57 municipal design innovation centers and 11 municipal design innovation centers to cultivate. The "Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. Design Innovation Center" declared by Tramy Group was successfully selected and officially approved as the Shanghai municipal design innovation center.

The municipal design innovation center and design leading demonstration enterprise are the backbone of Shanghai's construction of the world-class "design capital". This time, Tramy was recognized by the municipal enterprise design innovation center, which fully reflects the recognition of Tramy from all walks of life in terms of product design innovation ability and innovation achievements. Tramy will continue to provide more design values and possibilities for the food industry with high standards and high levels of design output and intelligent manufacturing, help the food industry achieve higher quality development, enable a better life in the city, and help Shanghai build a world-class "design city".