Tramy chun soybean milk won the Shanghai Nutrition Innovation AwardPublish Time:2023-03-06 03:10

On January 13, the delicious and mellow soybean milk with high protein content, zero added sugar and mellow taste won the first Shanghai Nutrition Innovation Award.

"Safe, delicious and inexpensive" is the business philosophy of Tramy Group. It attaches importance to product research and development and continues to increase the strength of product research and innovation. In 2022, after the evaluation of Shanghai nutrition experts, Tramy Group became the second batch of member units of Shanghai nutrition innovation platform.

The first Shanghai Nutrition Innovation Award went through a strict selection process: the platform office nutrition innovation research, the member unit recommendation innovation results, the delivery of innovation results, the platform office review, and the expert review meeting. A total of 44 declared results participated in the selection, and the final experts evaluated 6 "nutrition innovation awards".

This time, Tramychun soybean milk won the Nutrition Innovation Award, which is the result of the company's long-term commitment to high-quality projects and the affirmation of the group's quality innovation. Supported by the nutrition innovation platform, the company can create a series of high-nutrition products to win the market differentiation competitive advantage in the future.