Tramy participate in promotional activities for World Bean DayPublish Time:2023-03-31 02:05

From February 5th to February 10th, on the occasion of the fifth "World Bean Day", Tramy Group took advantage of its channel advantages to widely mobilize Tramy volunteers to carry out promotional activities for World Bean Day in Tramy fresh home stores throughout Pudong.

Picture: During World Soybean Day, Tramy volunteers conduct on-site publicity at Tramy stores

Based on the theme of "Beans promote a sustainable future", the Tramy team shared with visiting consumers the background of World Beans Day, the nutritional value of bean products, the historical evolution of tofu, the technological evolution of tofu, and other popular science content through questionnaire answering, Yilapao promotion, and on-site commentary. From February 5th to February 10th, the team conducted over 10 on-site activities to further amplify the dissemination effect of World Bean Day and advocate healthy eating habits.