The logistics center holds an ethnic minority employee exchange meetingPublish Time:2023-03-31 02:56

In recent years, the rapid development of the Tramy Group has attracted people of all ethnic groups to rush to the Tramy family. National unity is the lifeline of the people of all ethnic groups in our country, the prerequisite for social stability, the guarantee for economic development and social progress, and the main content of the united front work of the Party and the country. Tramy Group follows the Party closely and adheres to the comprehensive leadership of the Party. The Party Committee of the Group adheres to leading national unity and progress, actively connects with low-income ethnic minority villages in the central and western regions, completes publicity, establishes mechanisms, relaxes conditions, and builds a service platform to attract their interest in participating in the economic construction of the new era. It gives play to their subjective initiative to lift poverty and become rich through labor and employment, improves personal and family income, and learns modern industrial technology, Assist in rural revitalization and construction.

According to statistics, the Group Logistics Company currently has 70 ethnic minority employees from Yi, Hui, Bai, Zhuang, Miao, Manchu, Tujia, Hani, Dongxiang, Lisu, and Mongolia, accounting for 6.2% of the total number of warehousing logistics. While actively absorbing a large number of ethnic minority employees, logistics companies should always establish a management philosophy of respecting ethnic customs, caring for and caring for ethnic minority employees, actively creating conditions to solve their practical difficulties, allowing employees of different ethnic groups to have a place to talk with each other, and allowing compatriots of all ethnic groups to feel the warmth of Tramy family.

In order to further strengthen communication and exchange with ethnic minority employees, fully understand their work status and ideological trends, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and implement their humanistic care, on the morning of February 15th, the warehousing and logistics center organized a warm exchange meeting for ethnic minority employees. Cao Zhong, the general manager of the logistics company of the group subsidiary, had a deep conversation with employees from both life and work aspects. At the exchange meeting, President Cao summarily demonstrated the establishment and development process of Tramy Group, conveyed the welcome and recognition of ethnic minority brothers and sisters from the board of directors and various departments, described his own experiences from a delivery clerk who has been growing together with Tramy for more than 20 years, sorted out clear ways for grassroots employees to promote, and declared a management system that treats every employee fairly and impartially, Introduced the development status of ethnic minority representatives within the department, and inquired about the living status, work adaptation status, salary and other aspects of the employees present one by one, and implemented various rationalization appeals on the spot.

The entire exchange meeting was filled with laughter and laughter. Ethnic compatriots gradually relaxed and opened their hearts to introduce the distinctive ethnic culture and family conditions of their hometown, expressed their own psychological journey into a happy family in Tramy, and fed back on current work and life problems. At the same time, everyone was deeply aware of the 25 years of hard work and entrepreneurship of Tramy Group, indicating that they should abide by the institutional order of safety, equality, and the rule of law, and cherish employment opportunities, Enthusiastic about life, down-to-earth work, grateful for the wealth opportunities provided by the Tramy platform, seize the opportunity to actively improve themselves, follow the innovative development path of the Tramy Group, bring the advanced economic culture and Tramy employment experience of large cities back to their hometown, contribute to national unity and progress, prosperity and prosperity of their hometown, and strive to benefit a land and water.