Tramy Group's Works Won the Most Promotional Value Short VideoPublish Time:2023-03-31 03:00

The promotional video "Tramy Green Leaf Vegetable Whole-Process Mechanized Production Model Demonstration" jointly produced by Tramy Group's Technology Center, Publicity Department, and Tramy Agricultural Technology won the most promotional value in the second National Green Horticulture New Model New Technology New Product (hereinafter referred to as "Three New") short video learning and exchange activity.

This event was jointly organized by the National Agricultural Technology Center and the China Pesticide Industry Association. More than 300 "three new" short videos were produced by the national agricultural technology departments, scientific research and teaching units, horticultural production entities, and agricultural materials service entities, and a total of 20 short videos with the most promotional value were selected.

"Demonstration of the Whole Process Mechanized Production Mode of Tramy Green Leaf Vegetables", as a result of deepening the application of Tramy Agriculture, can further promote the green, high-quality, and efficient production mode of horticulture, and improve the quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of the horticulture industry. Now selected as the most valuable short video for promotion, it can not only show the practicality and progressiveness of Tramy agricultural technology, but also epitomize the comprehensive strength of Tramy agriculture.