Tianzhi is recognized as the regional headquarters of Pudong New AreaPublish Time:2023-03-31 03:06

On January 30, the Pudong New Area Commerce Committee officially approved the Shanghai Tianzhi Green Food Co., Ltd. under Tramy as the regional headquarters of the Pudong New Area.

As the first region in China to list headquarters economy as a strategic development area, Pudong New Area has increasingly highlighted the agglomeration effect of headquarters economy. It is the region with the most centralized headquarters, the widest coverage, and the strongest service capability in mainland China.

Over the years, under the leadership of the Group, Tianzhi Company has actively participated in the construction of Pudong, with the Breakfast Project as the fulcrum, and contributed to the construction of the entire Tramy industrial chain. It has been unanimously recognized by all parties in promoting employment and economic contributions, as well as the rich functions of the headquarters. Tianzhi Company will rely on Pudong's first-class business environment and mature innovation atmosphere to provide more high-quality and efficient products and services, Provide support for the economic development of Pudong headquarters to a new height.