Tianxin has obtained the first prefabricated vegetable food production license in ShanghaiPublish Time:2023-04-03 07:25

On February 6th, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Pudong New Area issued the first food production license including "prefabricated vegetables" in the city after the implementation of the "Shanghai Prefabricated Vegetable Production License Review Plan" to Shanghai Tianxin Green Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tramy Group.

In order to standardize the review of the production license for prefabricated vegetables, in accordance with the "Classification Catalogue of Food Production Licenses" issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the "Review Plan for the Production License for Precast Vegetables in Shanghai" in January 2023, which was officially implemented on February 1. This plan is the first truly normative document for the production license review in the field of prefabricated vegetables in the country, clarifying that 8 categories and 23 sub categories of food within the city are included in the scope of prefabricated vegetables, helping the city to take the lead in achieving the standard production and landing of all categories of prefabricated vegetables.

As a new model and business form in the food consumption market, prefabricated dishes have reached a scale of 100 billion yuan in the domestic industry. In response to the application for a production license for "pre cooked vegetables" by Shanghai Tianxin Green Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tramy Group, the Pudong Market Supervision Bureau intervened in advance to provide guidance services throughout the process. Finally, Tramy Group completed the production license application for prefabricated vegetables in only two working days, and relying on Tramy Xianjia's linked consumer terminal, it first launched two dishes, "Five Colored Seasonal Vegetables" and "Stir-fried Pork Liver with Soy Sauce", the second day after obtaining the license, making it safer and more convenient for Shanghai citizens to have "Tramy prefabricated dishes" on their dining tables.

Wang Weijun, General Manager of Tianxin Company, expressed optimism about the prospects of prefabricated dishes, saying, "The annual sales of prefabricated dishes should contribute at least one billion yuan to our group's output value." Relying on the accumulation of the entire industry chain of the group, Tramy will launch at least dozens or even hundreds of prefabricated dishes in the future, facilitating consumers to enjoy more delicious dishes from catering enterprises at home.