Tramy Business School officially opens classesPublish Time:2023-04-03 07:34

In order to improve the personal quality and professional level of employees, improve the overall level of team work, and establish a Tramy talent cultivation and exploration mechanism that matches the Group's leapfrog development, the Group formally established the Tramy Business School on the basis of the existing Sanying Human Resources Improvement Plan.

On February 13, the opening ceremony of the Tramy Business School and the first training course of the Tramy Business School were held at the headquarters of the group. Leaders such as Shen Jianhua, Chairman of the Tramy Group, and Fu Yaojuan, President of the group, attended the opening ceremony.

Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, and Fu Yaojuan, President, congratulated Tramy Business School on its formal opening

After the students watched the "36 Military Regulations" corporate culture courseware collectively, Group Chairman Shen Jianhua and President Fu Yaojuan gave on-site lectures. President Fu Yaojuan first congratulated Tramy Business School on the official opening of classes. The opening of the business school shows the thriving development trend of Tramy, and we look forward to everyone becoming an important driving force for the future development of Tramy.

During the lecture, President Fu Yaojuan reviewed the development history of Tramy. Starting from the manufacturing of single bean products, the company has developed into a modern food enterprise group with a full industrial chain. Tramy people always uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, step by step, and start, do, and accomplish things one by one. At present,Tramy is in a critical period of leapfrog development, and the company is continuously optimizing the incentive and distribution mechanism to achieve a full sense of achievement for employees, allowing hard working people to achieve better results.

President Fu Yaojuan has three expectations for your future work. First, keep smiling. As a member of the city's food basket, smiling is the first business card of Tramy service. Secondly, we must have a sense of responsibility. Only with a sense of responsibility can we face up to difficulties, forge ahead bravely, and do our work well. Third, store management should strive to achieve three modernizations, process oriented, standardized, and service-oriented. It is necessary to benchmark leading retail enterprises and implement scientific management.

In his lecture, Chairman Shen Jianhua first looked forward to the future of Tramy to the vast number of students. Currently, Tramy's new retail formats continue to iterate, and its store layout is further expanded, constantly consolidating its core competitiveness in the field of fresh retail.

The key to the success of Tramy lies in having a capable, responsible, and capable Tramy Iron Army. A large number of Tramy senior cadres have developed together with the group, achieving their own success in Tramy. Tramy continues to accelerate its development and expand its business. In the foreseeable future, it will establish more subsidiaries and subsidiaries, and there will be more key positions requiring key talent leaders.

I hope that all students will have a deep understanding of the significance of Tramy's career and its value for personal development. Through the learning of training courses, they will deeply understand the corporate culture, let Tramy's spirit enter their hearts, and instill it in the entire team.Tramy's future is also your future. As a member of Tramy Huangpu Military Academy, I hope you can make greater contributions in Tramy.