Tramy was selected into the list of "100 Smart Factories in Shanghai"Publish Time:2023-04-03 08:46

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology has released the "List of 100 Smart Factories in Shanghai". In order to implement the requirements of the "Special Action Plan for Building 100+Smart Factories in Shanghai (2020-2022)" and other documents, the work of "establishing models, setting benchmarks, and learning from examples" has been vigorously pursued, and the benchmarking and driving effect of smart manufacturing demonstration factories has been further brought into play. The list has been recommended by various districts (groups), evaluated online, and evaluated on-site The links such as defense review and list publicity were finally formed, and Tramy Group was successfully selected by virtue of intelligent factories throughout the food industry chain.

Intelligent factories have become the birthplace and main battlefield of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, the only way and important engine for the manufacturing industry to build new core competitiveness and lead high-quality economic development, and an important carrier for cultivating new drivers of high-end industrial transformation, driving new terminals for intelligent equipment, and promoting the digital transformation of the economy. Centering on the essence of manufacturing, closely adhering to intelligent features, with technology and equipment as the core, data based, and relying on carriers such as manufacturing units, workshops, factories, and supply chains, Tramy Group has built an intelligent manufacturing system that integrates virtual and real, is driven by knowledge, dynamically optimized, safe, efficient, and green and low-carbon, promoting the goal of digital transformation, networked collaboration, and intelligent transformation in the manufacturing industry, and adhering to the innovation leadership, integration, and empowerment of the entire industrial chain Ecological construction and system promotion, building a digital chemical factory based on safe and controllable industrial internet and digital informatization to meet user customization and scale requirements, achieving "data penetration industry, value reconstruction ecology", and striving to create a new highland for the development of intelligent manufacturing in livelihood industries.

To lay out the future, Tramy Group will continue to uphold the concept of "digital+industry" integrated development, further exert the benchmarking and driving effect of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, stimulate the collaborative effectiveness of the digital industry, promote the integrated development of the entire digital industry chain, and fully promote the construction of a manufacturing power!