Demonstration and Application Project of Branded Green Production of Tramy RicePublish Time:2023-04-03 09:04

The research project of Shanghai Tramy Modern Agricultural Industry Research Institute, "Green Production Demonstration and Application of New Varieties of Soft Rice with Good Taste Suitable for the Branding of Tramy Rice", was successfully established in the 2023 "Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan" agricultural science and technology field in Shanghai.

In December 2020, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the "Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting High Quality Agricultural Development (2021-2025)". The plan points out that in order to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council regarding the implementation of the strategy of promoting agriculture through quality, comprehensively improve the quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of urban agriculture, and promote the high-quality development of agriculture in our city, it is planned to implement five major actions. Among them, the "Characteristic Brand Construction Action" clearly proposes to optimize the rice variety and stubble layout, screen and promote a batch of delicious rice varieties with excellent quality and good taste, and improve the rice quality evaluation and production, processing, preservation and storage standard system. Concentrate on creating public brands of high-quality edible rice, and by 2025, the branding proportion of real estate rice on the market will reach 50%.

As a national leading enterprise in Pudong agriculture, Tramy Company has introduced high-quality soft rice varieties with excellent taste, resistance to rice blast, and lodging resistance, and researched supporting unmanned rice cultivation, green production, processing, and storage technologies in its own 5G rice intelligent base, building a high-quality digital farmland for rice planting bases. Carry out unmanned and intelligent transformation of various types of agricultural machinery such as tillage, planting, management, and harvesting, and achieve unmanned agricultural operation machinery such as rice transplanters, tractors, self-propelled pesticide applicators, and harvesters. Integrate and develop advanced digital agricultural development technology and 5G communication technology. Investigate the growth period, field comprehensive resistance, late maturity, high yield, and rice quality of new varieties, and carry out research and application of supporting green production and cultivation techniques including weight loss and drug reduction, adaptation to mechanized planting, disease, insect, and weed control, different planting times and methods, different fertilizer operations, and different harvest times. And demonstration and application of integrated technology in Shanghai Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village. Relying on the dual advantages of the Tramy brand and the sales end, through platforms such as Tramy stores, the brand sales of high-quality soft rice in real estate will be realized, allowing more Shanghai residents to taste delicious high-quality rice in Shanghai.

This project can link scientific research, promotion, production, and sales, fully stimulate the advantages of the entire industrial chain, improve quality and efficiency through variety technology innovation and integration of production and marketing, and create a high-quality rice brand suitable for the supply and marketing of Tramy products.