You can also attend college at the companyPublish Time:2023-05-19 09:10

On March 16th, the labor union of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. held a ceremony for the opening of Tramy specialized and undergraduate classes at Shanghai Open University, where 40 Tramy employees fulfilled their university dreams together.

Considering factors such as limited work and living time for employees, and leveraging the advantages of the company's own resources, it has been determined through multiple communications and repeated negotiations that a vocational and undergraduate class will be offered in Tramy to further enhance their academic qualifications. Teachers will be arranged to give lectures in the company during breaks such as evenings and weekends, truly turning the university into a business and delivering learning to employees to solve future worries. Not only that, the leaders of the group's trade union also took the initiative to serve as the monitor of vocational and undergraduate classes, caring and supervising their studies as soon as possible, and helping to solve difficulties and confusions. "Enterprise development should rely on employees, and development achievements should be shared with employees. The trade union is the 'mother's family' of employees. To help employees realize their college dreams and improve their cultural knowledge level and comprehensive ability, it can not only strengthen the cultivation of compound talents, increase employees' sense of gain and happiness, but also save energy for strengthening enterprise culture construction, improving the company's cohesion and centripetal force force." Li Ming, chairman and vice president of the Tramy Trade Union, said.

At present, 40 Tramy employees have been admitted to the Business Management Junior College and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate classes at Kaida University through pre registration, material review, and other processes. Subsequently, the group trade union will conduct real-time tracking of the learning and living conditions of employees and trainees, summarize and sort out experiences, expand demonstration effects, and enable more employees to realize their dreams of university and enjoy the achievements of enterprise development, providing assistance for shaping, retaining, and promoting enterprise development.