Tramy Women's Federation holds Women's Day themed activitiesPublish Time:2023-05-19 11:53

The most beautiful March day in the world, with blooming spring flowers showcasing their new beauty. On March 8th of this year, it was the 113th "March 8th" International Women's Day. In order to further promote the creation of Tramy national civilized units, care, attention, and care for the vast number of Tramy female employees, on March 8th, the Tramy Women's Federation organized a women's day symposium with the theme of "promoting the civilization of the times and showcasing the charm of women". Group President Fu Yaojuan, Senior Vice President Shen Jie, Collective Party Secretary Xu Gendi, and women representatives from various departments of the group attended. Director of the Collective Office, Wang Jiafei, presided over the meeting.

The meeting first aired a promotional video of the 36 military regulations of the Tramy Group. After more than 20 minutes of cultural influence, the meeting entered the main stage of communication and speech. The group's President Fu Yaojuan, Vice President Shen Jie, Party Secretary Xu Gendi, and other elite Tramy women gave speeches on-site.

At the meeting, President Fu Yaojuan, on behalf of the Tramy Women's Federation, extended holiday greetings to all the women representatives present, and expressed sincere gratitude to the women employees who have silently contributed to the high-quality development of the company in their ordinary positions for many years.

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The president stated that currently, more than half of the female employees of Tramy Group are at the forefront of production and operation, as well as at the forefront of administrative management They are all busy and dedicated figures. In the past year, the vast number of female employees in the Tramy have been dedicated to their work and striving for excellence, playing a "half sky" role in various aspects such as epidemic prevention and control, scale improvement, quality management, and rural revitalization.

The epidemic did not defeat us, but instead made us stronger. In 2022, the collective annual output value reached a new high, and honors such as the five-star green supply chain and the Shanghai May Day Labor Award came one after another. Overcoming difficulties also proves that Tramy is an excellent team that is united, brave to fight tough battles, and stronger in the face of strength. This year is a crucial year for us to "create billions". The group has proposed the "12557" development goal to create a more brilliant year in 2023. It is even more necessary for female employees to concentrate their energy and combat effectiveness on the new journey of the clean and high-quality livelihood food industry. To this end, President Fu proposed three expectations for the vast number of beautiful employees in the Tramy. Firstly, they should make use of the delicate personality, good communication and listening skills of women to persevere, be firm, and unleash their own strength. Secondly, they should make achievements in their positions, continuously strengthen their own learning, and improve their professional abilities. Thirdly, they should grasp the balance between work and family, balance family and career, and achieve double harvests.

At the meeting, Shen Jie, Senior Vice President of the Group, conducted a cohesive promotion to the beautiful employees of Tramy through video learning. Mr. Shen stated that achieving the great leap of Tramy and creating a rock like hard platform for one's richer life, achieving greater achievements, and the most important thing is unity. In the critical three years beginning this year, we must closely follow the strategic pace of the Group, obey the correct leadership of the team, work together with colleagues, and work together to strengthen the beautiful tree. Only by adhering to firm belief, indomitable spirit, and the ability to be bold and careful, can we overcome any difficulties and obstacles and embark on the path of common prosperity.

At the meeting, women representatives from various departments of the group shared their personal growth experiences and career development insights based on their own work. From various perspectives of work, they freely discussed their experiences and expressed their insights. Their speeches were positive and enthusiastic, and the atmosphere on site was warm. Further stimulated the enthusiasm and drive of the vast number of beautiful employees in the Tramy to stand on their own positions, take on responsibilities and dedication, bravely stand at the forefront, and forge ahead. Everyone expressed the need to continuously improve personal qualities, strive to take on responsibilities, and create new achievements and achievements for the Tramy  Food Industry.