The supply chain was awarded the 2022 Pudong Women's Civilization PostPublish Time:2023-05-19 12:17

In March 2023, the Supply Chain Meat and Poultry Classification Group was selected by the Pudong Women's Federation as the 2022 Women's Civilization Post in Pudong New Area.

The Supply Chain Meat and Poultry Classification Group is mainly responsible for the procurement of meat and poultry materials from various factories such as Tramy Tianzhi, Tianxin, Tianen, and cafeteria. In recent years of procurement practice, they have continuously demanded male work standards, overcome the problem of lack of professional knowledge and practical experience, and strengthen practical learning. After multiple on-site experiences, they gained a deep understanding of the classified breeding environment and slaughtering techniques for meat and poultry, proficient in material control, price calibration, and other professional knowledge, and regularly ensured the supply of delicious meat and poultry products. In the three consecutive years of epidemic prevention and control from 2020 to 2023, they were in urgent need of the company and the needs of the citizens. They followed up on the price, quality, logistics location, and procedures of the goods throughout the process, tried every means to ensure the timely arrival of the goods, effectively controlled procurement costs, and ultimately purchased the highest quality meat and poultry materials at a lower price, contributing sufficient supplies to the supply of the Tramy and the United States, and using women's momentum to assist in the final victory of the Great Shanghai Defense War.