Let's take a look at the new agronomy of Meiqiao North BasePublish Time:2023-05-19 12:23

In the "2021 Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village Review and Evaluation" released by the Municipal Revitalization Office, Qiaobei Village in Huinan Town successfully passed the city level review and successfully created a city level rural revitalization demonstration village.

Qiaobei Village is located in the southeast of Huinan Town, 35 kilometers away from the central urban area in a straight line. The village covers an area of 3.2 square kilometers. In the demonstration and creation of rural revitalization in Qiaobei Village, Tramy Group actively strives to create a high-quality Huinan Qiaobei high standard Huai vegetable base.

On March 5th, with the warm and warm spring sun, the scale of the Huai Vegetable Base in the north of Huinan Bridge was magnificent.

The 170 acre science and technology agricultural base is dazzling, with modern glass greenhouses and a strong sense of technology.

Innovative pilot intercropping model for leafy vegetables, eggplants, and fruits to improve production efficiency

In January of this year, Tramy Agricultural Technology entered the Qiaobei Base for trial operation. After recruiting enough peripheral growers, it gradually began trial production. In the early stage, it mainly focused on tidal planting of green leafy vegetables and eggplants, and continuously screened new varieties and techniques.

In the multi-span greenhouse at the entrance, 36 new varieties of small tomatoes from Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences were tested and planted. Each cultivation slot was labeled with the product name, and in the future, the best will be selected to enter the Tramy channel.

Planting high-quality lettuce on a tidal bed with sponge as the base

In a glass greenhouse, an innovative pilot model for intercropping leafy vegetables, eggplants, and fruits is being developed. In the cultivation tank, creamy lettuce and tomatoes are planted next to each other, with lush green lettuce and straight tomato branches. According to Wu Haizhou, the director of the Qiaobei Base. Plant leafy vegetables such as green vegetables and lettuce in the cultivation tank, and preserve the cultivation space for eggplants, reducing the planting space and time, and increasing production capacity.

In the hydroponic shed at the back, there are tidal beds lined with sponges. After wrapping the lettuce seedlings, they are nested inside the sponges, and the bottom is filled with water and fertilizer. As they are living vegetables, there is no need to wash roots and soil, making them more hygienic and convenient. Tramy New Agronomy Iteration, Contributing to the Prosperity of the Industry. Following Yaolu Village, Tramy continues to accumulate and export practical experience in rural revitalization, creating a 2.0 version of Tramy's rural agricultural industry revitalization.